Experienced Political Consultant & Communication Strategist

 If you're running for office you need a seasoned political consultant. Michael Cook and his team offer a full-range of campaign consulting  services. 


Experience Matters

Our decades of experience spans the gamut from developing and implementing strategic voter contact campaigns to highly targeted direct mail to grassroots organizing.  


Our Approach

Our consulting team provides intense attention to all our clients. We create a detailed and client-specific strategic roadmap to victory.  We bring focus and message-discipline to all our clients and use data to determine the right mix of traditional and new media to deliver their message most efficiently.  


Cook Consulting Recognized for Our Work

2019 Reed Award Finalist

 "Getting designated as a Reed Award Finalist is extraordinarily difficult. Thousands of entries compete, but very few make the cut. That's how it should be in the most exacting award the campaign industry has. So when you encounter a Reed Award Finalist you know one thing for certain, they produce work that's head and shoulders above the competition."

-Shane D'Aprile, Co-Publisher, Campaigns & Elections 



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